Ardha Kurmasana Procedure And Benefits

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Ardha Kurmasana Procedure And Benefits. This is one of the best yoga poses to treat and cure respiratory congestion and problems related to the lungs viz. Asthma bronchitis blockage of nasal passage clearing alveoli etc.

Ardha Kurmasana Half Tortoise Pose Yogateket
Ardha Kurmasana Half Tortoise Pose Yogateket from

Calms the nervous system. Ardha chakrasana involves backward bend stretching the upper and lower back. It elongates the entire spine and enhances its flexibility.

Kurmasana Benefits Strengthens the Back In Tortoise pose the muscles around the lumbar spine get activated and if done carefully the nerves related to the backaches get massaged.

Bikram Choudhury who founded Bikram yoga claims ardha kurmasana can even help yogis live longer. The pose improves the mobility of the shoulder girdle and the associated muscles scapula deltoids triceps latissimus dorsi. Hence Ardha Padmasana is Half Lotus Pose. It improves your memory by increasing blood flow to the brain.